Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Sunday fun at the Despains!!

K thats just funny!
Ty and Kaleb wrestling on the floor like they normally do!

Meg and Joe playing hot potatoe with the kids.

We are all pretty good at being dorks and making funny faces. Its great entertainment!

Dru is being making dorky faces like always!
Last sunday Joe and Meg came up to see us. We all went out to the despains house for some dinner and fun. We ended up having a great time, playing games and hangin out! It's to bad that Joe and Meg are moving far away from us cause it would be fun to have them up again. Thanks guys for coming and seeing us!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yummy Dinner!

The other night I had been gone all day. Tyrell decided that he wanted to make dinner. He texted me and asked me if I was very hungry. I replied saying that I could eat just to satisfy myself meaning that I wasn't very hungry but I could eat a little. Well I came home and this is what he had on the grill outside. It was really good but we probably could of just shared one. I was just thankful that my husband was wanting to make dinner.

Bread making time!

So a couple weeks ago I was down at my Mom and Dad's house visiting and my mother who is a wonderful cook taught me how to make bread. Well in our house hold we like bread and we eat a lot of it. So that bread didnt last very long. So I decided to attempt to make it all by myself and this is how it turned out!! I was pretty proud of myself, it turned out better than I thought it would. So now I consider myself pretty much a professional!!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Holloween Time!!

So this year was the same as every year. I am a slacker until the last minute on getting a costume. Except this time its worse because I have a husband that is even more of a slacker! I kept saying Ty what are we going to be for holloween and I got the same response everytime.. I dont know you figure it out. How about nothing. Every year that I dont dress up I regret it so bad. Well we got invited to like 3 parties and ended up not going to any of them because I thought we would feel dumb not having a costume. So Tyrell and I went to Pizza Hut to get a Pazone, which was a joke because we ended up waiting there for like 35 min. Well we went home and were just going to spend the night hanging out with each other kinda lame I know, until I started to dress up and put layers of my clothing on like I used to in High School. Then I got Ty to join in the fun. We got a little crazy!! We ended up going out to Betsy and Trav's house and suprising them. I got Betsy to join in the fun!! It ended up being a great holloween thanks to the Despain family.

Tyrell and I went up on the mountains of Logan to get some pictures with the leaves before they got all ugly. They still dont look the greatest but I guess they will do. I'm happy with the way Ty looks but not to happy with the way I look. I hate getting pictures done!

So this is a little late getting on the blog. Our internet isn't the best so most the time it wont let me upload the images. Anyway so I am finally getting to it. This is from a few weeks ago but Tyrell has had to go the games with out me because I have been working on saturdays. Buy thank goodness not anymore. This game Utah State played BYU. I had t0 work that night but got done a lot earlier than I thought, so I was able to show up at half time. It actually turned out to be a really good game. Soon as I got there Utah State was playing a totally different game. They actually held up there own real well. I like to say that the reason they started to play good was because I arrived at the game!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Post for Darnell

This Post is for Darnell. So Amy, it is your responsibility to get Darnell to look at this and show him.
Whoever lived here before us did the bathroom floor with tile. Well this might be alright to all of you that DON'T do flooring. But as I worked with Darnell he made me very particular about how the floor looks when you're sitting on the pot. Every time I sit on the pot I have to look at this floor and it just makes me sick. They did a good job on the first row of tile but this second row they did a terrible job. Look at how far off they were. I don't know what they thought they were doing but they didn't do a very good job.

Ty finally got it!

Well we did it, we got us a truck! That is the excitment going on around his place. The registration was almost up on the durango and we would of had to do it here in utah now that Ty is a resident. We wanted a truck anyway so that Tyrell could do carpet or do any other side jobs when he wants. We got a pretty good deal on it. I haven't seen Ty get this gitty in a long time. The weather is still warm here so I am still driving our little scooter around town saving money. The truck most of the time just sits there but thats ok the gas for it is still way to high.

Every tuesday and thursday Tyrell and babysit the Despain kids in the morning while Betsy goes to school. Lately I have been trying to do fun things with them. Last tuesday we went and collected rocks down by the river behind our house and made these rock bugs. It was a little messy but we had a lot of fun.

Yesterday as I was looking through the newspaper which I have doing a lot of lately sense we don't have T.V anymore, I discovered an add from Michaels crafts. So with some spare time I had I decided to be a little crafty and make something for our front door. It was lots of fun and only took me about 30 min. I was pretty proud of myself.

Last saturday Tyrell and I went for a little morning drive up logan canyon. It was really pretty and fun to see that the leaves on the trees are started to change color. Right by the side of the road we saw this moose so we stopped to look at it. Ty was making these weird noises so that it would come closer to us. I was afraid that it would run right in the road as a car came, thankfully it didnt. That day we had a lot of fun just hanging out with each other.

Clancy's Wedding!

The last weekend of August we went back to Star Valley for Ty's buddies weddding. It was really nice. It was outside in Clancy's moms backyard. His bride Natalie looked beautiful. It was a fun time for Tyrell because he was able to see his buddies that he played basketball with in High School. I dont when the next time that will happen.

Ty's Birthday!!

Well Tyrell's birthday was last month. He didnt want to do anything special but I thought why not have fun with other people. I invited the Despain family over. They brought with them these huge squash and Zuccini. We carved into them like boats and had plastic soldier guys they put on them. We took them over to the logan river. As you can see they didnt float quite how we wanted them to, but it was still dang fun. I had a picture of Ty opening all his gifts but for reason it wouldnt let me put it on the blog sorry! I got Tyrell a poker set, so all night we ended playing texas hold-em. I hope that he had a fun birthday.

Friday, September 5, 2008

Good Bye to R&L Fence and Deck!!

I had to say my good byes to everyone at R & L. It was a sad day. If you would of asked if I was sad to leave like 5 month previous I would said Heck No!! There was just one specific lady that I didnt get along with. But other than that I was very sad go. I made some very good friends while I was there and had a great boss. They sure did make me feel special on my last day at work. I had a lot more pictures to go along with this but the card that all my pictures were on broke and erased all of them. I seriously felt like crying.

Fun in the Sun!

Its been about a month or more sense we went to Pine View. I know I am a slacker for just barely getting these on our blog. But we had a fun time in the sun with our friends Cole and Alex and there kids!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I dont quite know what Ty is doing right here but he kinda looks a little scary!!

Show me those Guns!!!

All the kids including Ty decided sense it was a little too hot outside they thought it would be fun to get in the little stream next to our camp site. We had fun just sitting around watching them.

Better watch out for all the Elk out there!They might come and attack you during the night.

Here is a SPIDER that Ty's brother found on his truck while they were out fishing. Isn't that the most nasty thing you have ever seen?

Getting ready for bed.