Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We watch our neighbors 2 kids quite often. He is a single dad and a police officer in Logan. So when he works we watch his kids. We have been doing this since last October. It actually has worked out really good. They are good kids. Well this is one of them, Jessica. Saturday was here eighth birthday. I got up early and made her a cake. I didn't really know what I was doing so I just did my best. It actually turned out a lot better than I thought it would.

This is why we look forward to the 4th, is the CRUISE IN. For all you that aren't from around Logan area. The cruise in is held every 4th of July. Really old, and some new cars come from all around for this car show. It lasts 3 days normally and at the end is a big parade that is held on main st. The cars drive up and down the street about 5 times so that everyone can get a good look at them. Tyrell and I really like that kind of thing. Ty's favorite is looking at all the Chevelle's sense he has one of his own. By the way he brought it home so we can drive it around all summer. It's been fun to have.
These are some really good friends of ours. Tyler and Lacey. We love hanging out with them!

We got up early Monday morning and headed up Logan canyon to the wind caves. It was almost a 4 mile hike there and back. Perfect for me! It was a pretty cool view.

Friday, February 19, 2010


So sense it has been so long since I have posted I thought that I would let everyone know whats going on in our lives.
We still live in Logan going on our 2nd year here. Crazy how time goes by so fast! Ty is in his second year of civil engineering and this semester is the hardest one yet! Poor boy spends all his time up at the school. But he will get through it!
I'm still working at Logan Physical Therapy. I can honestly say that I have never been able to say that I love my job until now. I really lucked out getting it.
Our neighbor right next door is a single dad that has recently recieved full custody of his kids. He is a police officer for Logan. So the days that he works we watch his kids. Its been really good for us and for him. We have really enjoyed having his kids around.
Life is good!

Ice Skating in the Park!

So the night started out with the boys getting a little energy out of there systems with a very serious wrestling match. Ty wanted to make sure that I added to notice how and it started, Ty getting the groove of things and letting adam his best friend feel really good about himself. Now scroll down to the next picture and you will see...

That it didn't last very long. Before you know it Adam is stuck and can't move. You go babe! Adam is such a sissy boy:)

The night continued on with us going ice skating in the park! It's pretty sweet with the view of the temple all lit up. Thanks to Ty's mother we have our own ice skates so it becomes a very cheap date. After, we went and ate at chili's with some other friends that couldn't ice skate because she was very pregnant. We went back and played games till late hours of the night. Thanks friends for making that one of the best weekends we have had in a while!

We ran in to some friends from the ward that night. They are such great people. It seems like we run into them all the time now.