Sunday, May 18, 2008

How AWESOME is this!!!

Last weekend we had the opportunity to attend a wedding in the salt lake temple. Friends of ours Katherine and Ryan Walker got married. I was scared that the day wouldnt be the greatest because of the night before but it seriously was the most perfect day to get married. It was so beautiful. The wedding was also very good. The spirit was so strong in the room. I hope I have the chance to attend a lot more weddings in the temple in the future. Ty and I decided to ditch all the picture taking and go take some of our own. We had a lot of fun doing it.

Bridal Shower time!!

The other night a bunch of us girls got together to celebrate Christine getting married. We all went to roosters to eat and ended up at Natalie Bouy's house a couple of the girls spent the night but we were getting up the next morning to go to a wedding to I wasnt able to. I sure stayed up late though it probably was the latest I have stayed up sense we have been married. I'm not the night owl like I used to be. There really isnt a point anymore.

Betsy and Trav gave us free tickets to the blaze game the other night. They weren't the best tickets in the world, but that sure didnt stop us from having a good time. At half time Ty was determined to sneak down to the lower bowl and get better seats. So thats just what we did and we didnt even get caught. Joe and his friend came along so that even made it a lot more fun! The night was great until we walked out to get in our car. Then it was down hill from there.

Hiking up Waterfall Canyon

A couple weeks ago Ty and I went and hiked up Waterfall Canyon. This time we parked and started a lot closer so that we could actually make it up the canyon instead of hiking all day long like last time. It was a great time expecially because when we got up there we were the only ones up there so that made it really nice. Ty hike up on top of this big rock and yelled at me to come up also so we could take some pictures it was pretty cool up there but also really high up. That was a good way to start off the day.