Monday, May 30, 2011

Bath time!

Lella is so funny when we give her a bath. She isn't like other babies that cry when you put them in the water. Every time we put her in there she gives a look like Ah.. this feels so good! She gets so relaxed and warm that she has to pee in the water every time. She is so fun and such a good baby. We have had about 3 nights that I have only had to get up once with her to feed. The only time she cries is when she is hungry. She makes it very easy to be parents. Hopefully it stays that way since I am returning to work full time next week.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Getting bigger every day!

We went to Lella's two week check up on Monday. She is now 7 lbs. 3oz. and has grown 1 1/4'' already. The doctor said that she is doing great and is perfect! She has got some chunky cheeks. I think she will fill out here pretty fast by the way she eats.

She sure likes her sleep at night. Instead of struggling to get her to sleep at night, its the opposite. I struggle getting her to wake up to eat. She will eat for about 5 min and then she's out. Its an ongoing process during the night. I wake up 2 times a night to feed her. We had one great night where I fed her at 10:30 that night then she woke up at 3:45 and then didn't wake up till 7:30 that morning. Hopefully we have more nights like that to come. The doctor said that she is getting enough food during the day so if she wants to sleep through the night then just let her.
It is so fun having her in our home!

Lella has had lots a visitors. We have had people in out of our house every day. Its really nice to have the support and love from family and friends. Thank you every one that has brought meals and gifts by. We are really blessed to have great people in our lives. And to have this beautiful girl come into our home. We couldn't ask for a better baby!
This is Tyrell's best friends little boy that is 5 months old. He makes Lella look really tiny!
I think these kids were the most excited to see little Lella! They just couldn't wait to come visit and hold her. I'm going to have some good babysitters when she gets a little older.

Our new addition!

This is me as we are walking out the door to go to the hospital. I'm not looking to good. I was in pretty bad pain. But excited that our little girl would be with us soon!
Lella Michelle Simpson -Born April 25th at 8:07 P.M 6 lbs 10 oz. 19 1/2 in. long

When she came out her legs were just like this, straight up in the air. She is such a funny girl. She still does this when we have her legs not covered up. She loves to stretch out.
Ty didn't get much sleep while we were at the hospital. The last night we were there he went home that night and slept. He had class that he had to go to so he wanted to get at least one good night.
This is Lella coming home from the hospital. She was so little for her car seat and still is.