Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Grand Canyon Trip!

A couple weekends ago we went on our summer vacation. Some might not think this is much of a vacation, hiking your guts out for 2 days and sweating like pigs. But we loved it! About five years ago I lived here on the North end of the Grand Canyon being a waitress to all the tourists. It was probably the best thing I could of done in my single life. While I was there I hiked the 25 mile trail from the north rim to the south rim in one day and ever since then I have wanted to do it again. My Husband was all for it! I have no clue how the heck I did it in one day. We did it camping in the bottom for a night and we stilled died! I must be fat and old. This pictue is taken the morning right before we started down the canyon. Oh man if only we new what we were getting ourselves into! Just kidding it was well worth it. We had a great time!

These trees were every where down in the canyon. Ty thought that they were just awesome! He called them the banana trees. They look like they had bananas growing at the bottom of them. Every time he saw one he would say.. Hey guys look a banana tree! I probably heard that saying about a million times by the time the hike was over. It got real old real fast.
This was Ribbon Falls. Its was this waterfall that fell down right on the edge of this huge rock. It doesnt look like there is much water falling from it, but when you get to the top and are standing under it, it hits you pretty hard. This was probably the high light of the hike. We drenched and got to cool off.

This is our friends Adam and Alisha that went with us. Ty and Adam have been friends since they have been about 3 years old. They even share the same Birthday. We had such a good time with them. We couldn't of ask for a better couple to do this with. Thanks GuysThis was the night before the hike. We camped out in the woods so that we didn't have to pay to stay in a hotel. I took everyone out to a place that we used to go to when I lived here. It's called Buck Point. Its awesome for watching to sunset. It over looks so much land covered in trees. It was so pretty.


Steven and Becky said...

Cool, looks like fun was had by all !!

Cody and Jill said...

WOW that is great pictures and what fun it must have been

Ashley, Mike & Mylie said...

so jealous I want to go!

Chaleese said...

Seriously how were we ever friends..? I hate camping! ;) Looks like you guys had fun! You and Ty are so dang cute Whit! So cute!