Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hunting Weekend!

Dang my husband is good lookin!

While they were pulling the elk down the mountain, they stumbled across moose sheds. They were together as a pair. That doesnt happen very often. That is what is on top of the elk just in case you were wondering.

While I was in Iowa this last weekend visiting the hansen's, Ty decided to go up to Star Valley and go with his brother to get his elk. They shot their elk but not realizing it until it was to late, the area that they shot it was some pretty steep country. They new that I was going to be a chore to get that elk out. They ended up having to go back the next morning to get it out because they wouldn't of been able to before dark. This time they brought help along. What they had to is hike down there and completely cut the meat off the bones and put it in sacks and pack it out in there back packs. Ty's pack I believe was 56 pounds, Darnell's was 64 and there friend Ryan's was 69. They sure had a lot of meat on there backs. I'm glad that my husband had such a great time. He always has a good time when he gets to hang out with his older brother. I'm excited to be able to have some of that meat cause we sure like elk in our house.


Chaleese said...

Oh, Mitch would be so jealous! That is awesome! Thanks for coming to see me the other day!! Love ya Whit!!!!

Steven and Becky said...

I'm seeing on Darnell & Amy's blog this was listed as a Buck Deer. What's the real story?? Congrads on the 6 point whatever it is. Looks like just a little bit smaller than my 7 point - 54 inch - of a few years ago... Looks like fun was had by all !!

Kris said...

WHIT! how are you doing?? Its been too long. hope everything is going good for you!

Heidi said...

That is awesome! Weird how excited boys get about it, but still awesome nevertheless! Haha hope all is well girlfriend :)

Dixie said...

Your man is kinda cute, but orange always makes a man 10x cuter. Glad you were with me that weekend!