Sunday, August 16, 2009

First time boating of the season!

This is Kynzie's dad on the air chair. He was so fun to watch cause he was so good. He would just ride it like it was nothing. He even did a back flip on it. It was Awesome!

Ty was having to much fun. He could of been there all night and been happy.
Well this me trying to attempt to get up, for some stickin reason I couldn't. Kinda frustrating.

My friend Kynzie and her family let Ty and I go along with them boating on friday night. We were pretty excited sense we hadn't been once this whole summer. She has a super cool family that were really nice to let us come a long. Ty got to try the air chair. He said that he had always wanted to see and try one. Well this was his moment. He said it was harder than he thought but he got up on it his first try.


Cody and Jill said...

there is only one picture of you and your just seating in the water did you wakeboard?? hehehee what fun Cody's grandparents just got a boat and i hope we get out before it is to late