Sunday, April 5, 2009

So don't get used to this cause we lost our camera that is the reason why it has taken so to update the blog. I borrowed Ty's cousins camera so that I could take pictures of ty's hair. Sorry it took so long. Enjoy!

The best day of the WEEK!


So I have been telling Ty for a while now that it is time to cut his hair. It was just getting a little out of control. He kept telling me, no Whit I'm not ready yet. So I just stopped mentioning it to him. Well out of know where on saturday he asked me if i would cut it for him. I didnt think he was serious. Oh but he was, and dang does he look good! Can you flippen believe how much hair this kid had on his head? Maybe now he will get the weight that he wants to be when we go donate plasma:)

Updated Pics!

Tyrell's friends wife Alex Perry is starting up her photography business and wanted to take some pictures of us. We thought that would be a good idea to havc some new updated pics sense we haven't had any for a long time. She did a dang good job. Some people just have a good eye for photography. And I'm not one of them:) Thanks Alex for a fun day and letting us be your guinea pig! Here is her photography blog for all you that you that want to get on and check it out. She is very good. (

Granite Hot Springs

A couple weeks ago we went to Star Valley to go snow mobiling. We went up to Granite Hot Springs and went swimming. We had a good time with all the cousins. I would have to say that it was probably the best sledding trip I have ever been on. It was a long day of fun in the sun!