Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lella's 6 month stats!

Wow! Can't believe our little girl is already six months. Where has the time gone. She is starting to get very moble. She is going to be crawling here soon. She is so fun to be around, wish i didn't have to work. The time I do get to spend with is so great! They're is nothing more important than your family!
Weight-14lbs 12oz 24%
Length-26in 59%
Head- 42cm 36%

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Lots has gone on around our parts these days!

And we have our crazy times here at home. When mom comes home Lella knows it's time to play!

She's still poopin a lot which always comes at the wrong time.

She has started eating real food. It took her a while to get it down but she's a pro now!

Lella loves hanging out with dad all day while moms at work. She has been so good for him while he does his homework.

I chopped my hair off! A whole 14 inches. It has been a fun I needed a good change.
Sorry that my face looks funny I just had some work done on my mouth and I was pretty swollen so I couldn't smile.