Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yippie! We thought our camera was long gone. We having been missing our camera since December and we just found it yesterday. It was the best day ever! Now I will be able to up date our blog!

Fun night at the Preston derby!!

This was so Awesome! I have never seen this happen at a derby before. This green car was just awesome he was just killing everyone. He got going full speed and hit this other car and rolled it! The green car was stuck on top of him so they both had to pull there flags. It was well worth watching in the cold.

This is Kyle and his girl Courtney. They were way fun to have there with us.

Me and my sis. I don't think we look anything a like. What do you think?

So Ty called me at work on friday and asked if I wanted to go to the derby on Saturday night. I said heck yes I do! Well he went on to say that I had to go pick up the tickets cause he won them off the radio. We were pretty excited, we never win anything! It was a great night mostly cause It was free!