Wednesday, July 16, 2008


I dont quite know what Ty is doing right here but he kinda looks a little scary!!

Show me those Guns!!!

All the kids including Ty decided sense it was a little too hot outside they thought it would be fun to get in the little stream next to our camp site. We had fun just sitting around watching them.

Better watch out for all the Elk out there!They might come and attack you during the night.

Here is a SPIDER that Ty's brother found on his truck while they were out fishing. Isn't that the most nasty thing you have ever seen?

Getting ready for bed.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Here is a glimps of what the boat looked like that we stayed on. It was so nice!! Thanks a lot Porter Family:)

Dang isn't he such a Stud!

Here's the Gang!

We found Lizards every where we went.

We had a blast in lake powell! I'm going to have to say that surfing and tubing were by far my favorites!!

The Widowmaker!

For all of you that dont know what the Widowmaker is. Its the motor bike hill climbs. Its held in a town near Morgan. They have this huge hill the bikes try to make over. Most dont make it But we did see one that did. They are pretty fun to watch. My boss gave us tickets, that made it even better. The bad thing is that we were sitting directly in the sun for four hours with no sunscrean. Um.. We got a little crispy!

Married for Eternity!

One of my best buds got married on the 12th of June. It was really nice to go up to Rexburg, go through the temple and be with her that day She was so beautiful. I also got to see a bunch of beauty school friends that I havent seen in a long time. Its crazy how long ago we were in school. To tell you the truth I would never want to go back.